Born in South of Italy. Grown up in the Eternal City.
Graduated in Law with a thesis about Islamic Law and Women's Rights in Multiculturalism.
Specialized with full marks in Fashion Styling, Fashion Editing, E-commerce & Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design.
Animals lover. Tv series and movies addicted.
Fashion Stylist, Art Director, Brand Consultant.
Sometimes also Casting Director and Producer for fashion.
Based in Milan. Available wherever you want. 

Numéro Russia ・Vogue China ・GQ Style Russia Schön! Magazine ・ L'Officiel Arabia ・ L'Officiel Kazakhstan ・ L'Officiel Hommes Kazakhstan ・ L'Officiel India ・ L'Officiel Brasil ・L'Officiel Middle East ・ L'Officiel Baltics ・ GQ Italy ・ Blanc Magazine ・ Design Scene

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