What I do

I perform both roles, separately or together.

Creative Art Director

• Definition, development and execution of creative/marketing/PR/event projects
• Branding and/or rebranding of client’s identity and guidelines
• Examination of objectives and customer needs, and development of the entire artistic concept, from definition to execution
• Moodboarding, storytelling and development of style guides
• Creation of omni-channels contents (still and moving, on-line and off-line, B2B and B2C, from e-commerce to adv campaign, from packshot to on-model images)
• Art buying (talents’ research and booking: photographers, stylists, directors, make-up artists, hairstylists)
• Casting direction (models’ research and booking)
• Supervision and direction of the entire creative process
• Production and ability to guide workflow, schedules, and budgets
• Timing in order to stay on schedule and on budget
• Coordination of team during the production on set, in line with the final objectives
• Coordination of all post-production process, until the final delivery

Fashion Stylist

Styling, image and brand consultancy for:
• e-commerce
• lookbooks
• digital campaigns
• pr campaigns
• adv campaigns
• tv commercials
• music videos
• fashion editorials for magazine
• fashion advertorials for magazine
• fashion shows
• events

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